• New advantages of Hydroxytyrosol for physical health and fitness

    Hydroxytyrosol from the olive is one of the most potential and well known antioxidant polyphenols in nature. However what many of us do not know are the important biological benefits that this natural extract provide to improve and care for the athletes’ wellbeing. As a result of intensive research activities we, at Deretil Nature, have […]

  • Maslinic acid from the olive

    The innovative formula created by the Spanish manufacturer Deretil Nature to protect your well-being with proper joint care We are introducing NaturOlive MA, a powerful natural ingredient to prevent and treat joint injuries, based on Maslinic Acid and Oleanolic Acid, both from the olive fruit of Spanish origin exclusively. More than 1.800 scientific articles  demonstrate […]

  • Deretil Nature will be present at Vitafoods Europe for the fifth consecutive year

    Vitafoods Europe has become a world reference in the market of nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals with already more than 1200 exhibitors. The fair brings together companies that offer the most innovative ingredients of the sector and companies that introduce innovative final products, new technological methods as well as new methods for obtaining raw materials. We have […]

  • Nobel-laureate Sydney Brenner dies, the scientist who revolutionized biology with a roundworm

    https://elpais.com/elpais/2019/04/05/ciencia/1554456214_141837.html Sydney Brenner, who was a well-known biologist because of numerous findings that revolutionized science and how to understand the functioning of living beings as we understand it, died last April 5th at 92 years. In 2002, he was granted with the Nobel Award in Physiology or Medicine for his contribution to the knowledge on […]

  • NaturOlive Complex a 100 % natural product

      Deretil Nature is a Spanish company, manufacturer of olive extracts standardized in hydroxytyrosol, maslinic acid, oleuropein and quality oleanolic acid of the highest quality available in the market. At Nutraceuticals Europe we are going to present Naturolive Complex, designed to provide you with the benefits of extra virgin olive oil without the need to […]

  • Health Ingredients, HI Japan 2015

    Since HI Japan started 26 years ago, it is currently Asia’s most important exhibition for the rapid-growth sector of functional, nutritional and natural food ingredients. This annual appointment represents the only event dedicated to showcasting the world’s most innovative ingredients y offers the opportunity to drive forward any new product development initiatives involved in the […]