Maslinic Acid: The essence of longevity

It is not the first time we have reported on the benefits of Maslinic Acid, through our naturally sourced ingredient, NaturOlive MA. In previous publications, we pointed out the use of Maslinic Acid in traditional medicine and pharmaceutical formulations. However, today we are going to discover its anti-ageing functionality.

One of the key facts is its high preventive and regenerative functionality to protect our skin from harmful external factors that damage our protective epidermal barrier, the most superficial and exposed organ of the human body.

Ionizing radiation, UV-B rays, environmental pollution, stress and smoking cigarettes, among others, are typical external factors that can change our skin, producing inflammatory effects that lead to premature aging of the epidermis.

Maslinic Acid nourishes our skin with revitalizing, anti-stain and anti-aging effects and provides a total protection against environmental factors. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory functionality, this ingredient becomes one of the most innovative and active that we can find currently on the market.
We, at Deretil Nature, offer our customers NaturOlive MA75, an extract of olive fruit standardized in 75 % of triterpenes with a minimum of 60 % of Maslinic Acid and a maximum of 15 % of Oleanolic Acid.

Oleastil anti-aging cream is one of our laboratory formulations specially created to promote our NaturOlive MA at several national and international exhibitions. These formulations serve as an example, both to our official distributors and to the cosmetic laboratories interested in purchasing our raw materials.

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