New advantages of Hydroxytyrosol for physical health and fitness

Hydroxytyrosol from the olive is one of the most potential and well known antioxidant polyphenols in nature. However what many of us do not know are the important biological benefits that this natural extract provide to improve and care for the athletes’ wellbeing.

As a result of intensive research activities we, at Deretil Nature, have developed our own Hydroxytyrosol with tradename NaturOlive HT. It is a natural product that holds much of healthful properties that science gives to extra virgin olive oil.

NaturOlive HT is manufactured in Almeria and marketed in different concentrations, both in aqueous solution and solid powder, from top quality olive leaf or olive fruit.

We carefully select the best raw materials, using only best quality leaves obtained from the olive trees of Spanish origin exclusively. We only use water in the extraction and purification process and apply advanced-clean biotechnology techniques.


NaturOlive HT 20 S (solid extract): Spray-dried powder with 20 % Hydroxytyrosol content on maltodextrin food grade.


NaturOlive HT 20: Liquid extract with high purity and fluidity,  standarized on a 20 % of Hydroxytyrosol



Our products, standardized in high concentrations of Hydroxytyrosol, stand out for its different mechanism of actions, such as:

  • Hydroxytyrosol enables the regulation of the mitochondria activity by increasing its oxygenation capacity. Under conditions of extreme intensity exercise, since there is not enough time to oxidize glucose, our body tends to accumulate lactic acid crystals that cause muscle pain. A daily intake of NaturOlive HT provides increases in oxygenation to the muscle tissue, which leads to reduce muscle soreness. 
  • It improves the defense mechanism in muscle tissues caused by an excess of intensive exercise or problems derived from it as well as muscle loss (sarcopeina) due to aging.  
  • Hydroxytyrosol stimulates calcium signaling by improving the contraction and relaxation of the skeletal muscle. 
  • Hydroxytyrosol can be used to improve or maintain mitochondrial biogenesis of heart and skeletal muscles as well as liver tissue. This process is characterized by an increase of the mitochondria mass, a process that improves the functioning of these specific cells. 

A daily intake of 100 mg helps to achieve all the mentioned functionalities and contributes to improve our physical health and wellbeing. NaturOlive HT has been registered in the EU for its use in food supplements: Cod. NUT / PL / AS: 3350/1.

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