Our global presence 2019/2020

In the second half of 2019, we took part in different events to keep on promoting our products of natural origin to serve the nutraceutical and cosmetic markets.

With the following summary, we want to thank our customers and distributors for their contribution and trust in Deretil Nature.

Among the most outstanding events, we had the privilege of receiving, in Almería, the visit of our international distributors from Belgium, Colombia, France, Italy, Israel, the Netherlands and Portugal. The main objective of the meeting was the II Training Sessions on the functionalities and applications of our products for further commercial promotion in their respective countries.

We attended one of the most important exhibitions of the functional food industry, Supply Side West in Las Vegas, to explore and open the market in one of the countries with the greatest influence in the food supplements and health products sectors. We had the opportunity to make our product catalogue known to manufacturers of dietary supplements, which enable them to develop products from our raw materials of natural and exclusively Spanish origin.

We were present at Making Cosmetics Milano, with our distributor Brenntag Italy and at Cosmetorium Barcelona with Sameca Portugal, to launch the Maslinic Acid line that, because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity, enables the development of beneficial health products. For instance to prevent or decrease osteoarthritis pain.

We closed the year 2019 with the attendance of several interesting technical meetings meant for our sector, such as the 13th World Congress on Polyphenol Applications held in Malta, at which we discovered the most recent innovations and improvements of this antioxidant substance of natural origin.

Agenda 2020 – first half of the year

For the current year, we have already signed in for the main exhibitions of our sector. In this regard, we’d like to inform you that Deretil Nature has participated for the 4th consecutive year, as exhibitor, at Nutraceuticals Europe in Madrid with good results and we are currently preparing our kick-off exhibition at the In-Cosmetics fair, planned on 30th June, 1st and 2nd July in Barcelona.

¡Looking forward to meet you soon!

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