Prevention and control of bacterial resistance

Maslinic acid and oleanolic acid become two excellent active ingredients of natural origin to prevent the spread of drug-resistant bacteria

We all know the global awareness to eradicate the mis- and overuse of antibiotics that lead to serious health problems, both in humans and animals. Other hospital infections can cause dangerous sepsis that require extended antimicrobial treatment that can lead to bacterial resistance to these medicines, so complementary solutions to improve patients’ health are urgently needed.

Maslinic acid, a natural pentacyclic triterpene of olive and oleanolic acid, another triterpene available in more than 120 natural plants and in different foods such as extra virgen olive oil and olives, have been scientifically identified as the main bioactive compounds in traditional medicine and pharmaceutical formulations. Current studies ensure the antimicrobial potential efficiency of both triterpenes to be able to inhibit the resistance of bacteria (ref. ACS Infectious Diseases Magazine).

In addition to our own in vitro and in vivo functional validation tests that demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of our products and manufacturing processes, recent scientific results from the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) and the University of Granada endorses the outstanding harmless properties of Maslinic Acid and Oleanolic Acid regarding our body cells.

We are very pleased to contribute, from our Research and Production site in Villaricos (Almería – Spain), in the development of alternative antimicrobial drugs, using the aforementioned olive fruit ingredients with our brand name NaturOlive MA.

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