The CIDAF goes on visit to Deretil Vitatech

The CIDAF visited Deretil Vitatech’s facilities in Villaricos (Almeria), dedicated to the research and development of products and services for industries of nutrition, cosmetics, foods and pharmaceutics.

The first 2015 meeting of the companies that are part of the Board Members of CIDAF (Centre for Research and Development of Functional Foods of Granada), was held at Deretil’s factory.

The objective was to present detailed information about the proficiencies of Deretil’s business units in order to look for common synergies among the companies belonging to CIDAF. After introducing the Deretil Group and once discussed ongoing projects, BIOT made its presentation and afterwards CIDAF informed about new incentivizing plans. The meeting concluded with a guided tour around Deretil’s main industrial facilities that are located in the factory of Villaricos, Cuevas del Almanzora, Almeria.

Companies who attended, besides the Managing Director of CIDAF:

  • Abbott
  • Aceites Maeva (Maeva Olive Oils)
  • Biot
  • Grupo La CañaLa (Caña Group)
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