April 2021

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  • Discover the new cosmetic ingredients

    Carla Palau, our Sales Manager, is going to represent Deretil Nature at the new ingredient online showcases on Thursday, 29th April from 11.15 – 11.45 h. Should you be interested in attending Carla’s session about “Maslinic Acid –the essence of longevity”, just meet her on https://discover.in-cosmetics.com/events?page=3 and for registration, please follow https://discover.in-cosmetics.com/index/registration. Enjoy the presentation!

  • The functionalities of Maslinic Acid

    The effect of Maslinic Acid in the treatment of metabolic syndrome Today we want to share with you an interesting functionality of one of the most outstanding triterpenes of the olive tree. It is the Maslinic Acid and its beneficial effect in managing diseases related to metabolic syndrome and its great anti-inflammatory capacity. Metabolic syndrome […]