Deretil Nature will be present at the I Congress of Emotional Health and Regenerative Medicine

The objective of this Congress is none other than the start of a brainstorming forum, which aims to deal with the latest developments in the field of health, seen from a multidisciplinary point of view in which different actors, who are involved in health care, will be looking for new prevention measures to avoid possible degenerative conditions and aging, as well as lack of health and nutritional deficiencies. Experts of each subject will develop presentations and workshops with regard to their respective specialties.

At Deretil Nature, we are firmly committed to maslinic acid, as a key element of the Mediterranean diet. Maslinic acid is one of the main triterpenes present in olives and is one of the most studied natural active ingredients in recent times, due to its important properties, health benefits and its many potential applications.

Our company has developed and put on the market a natural extract with a high purity in triterpenes: NaturOlive MA.

During the Congress, we will have the opportunity to present and share our own working lines and numerous scientific studies that support the healthful properties of triterpenes, highlighting its anti-inflammatory nature and the reduction of endothelial disfunction, which is one of the first effects of vascular disease and atherosclerosis, among many other beneficial properties.

The I Congress of Emotional Health and Regenerative Medicine will take place on 4, 5 and 6 June, 2015 at the Congress and Exhibition Palace of Aguadulce in Almería.

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