Maslinic acid from the olive

The innovative formula created by the Spanish manufacturer Deretil Nature to protect your well-being with proper joint care

We are introducing NaturOlive MA, a powerful natural ingredient to prevent and treat joint injuries, based on Maslinic Acid and Oleanolic Acid, both from the olive fruit of Spanish origin exclusively.

More than 1.800 scientific articles  demonstrate the great functionality of Maslinic Acid as a novel and outstanding anti-inflammatory that together with Oleanolic Acid provide important benefits for the patient’s well-being.

As it can be seen in the following image, the olive compound follows a thorough molecular process with regard to the most common inflammation mechanisms:

Maslinic Acid inhibits PKC activation, d of I-B and nuclear translocation of NF-B, which can be related to its anti-inflammatory properties.

A daily intake between 30 – 50 mg of NaturOlive MA are enough to reduce pain and improve joint mobility in people with osteoarthritis.

It also helps to reduce after-sport joint discomfort or chronic pain, among many other benefits and applications.

NaturOlive MA 30 has been registered in the EU for using in food supplements. Cod. NUT/PL/AS: 3350/4.

We manufacture and sell several formats of the best Maslinic Acid available on the market:

White powder grade, a feature that makes it easy to be added to food supplements as capsules or tablets.

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