NaturEsvia is a purified extract of Stevia Rebaudiana standarized at 95 % of Steviol Glycosides with more than 75 % between Stevioside and Rebaudoside A. NaturEsvia is developed, manufactured and commercialized by Deretil Nature and classified as additive E-960.

NaturEsvia is exclusively obtained from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni leaves of Spanish origin and organic farming. Our manufacturing process complies with all requirements of quality and manufacturing for its classification as additive sweetener E-960, according to the UE Regulation Nr. 231/2012.


Advantages and benefits:

  • Sweetener 100 % natural non-caloric and without effects on glycemic index.
  • Between 200 and 300 times sweeter than sacarose (sugar). A small spoon with just 3 or 4 g of NaturEsvia is comparable to the sweetening capacity of 1 kg of sugar.
  • Recommended for people with diabetes and metabolic syndrome: The intake, in substitution of other sweeteners that contain reducing sugars and calories, does not increase the levels of glucose in blood and has no effect on the glycemic index. Thus food sweetened with NaturEsvia has an important added value, since it is a good resource to prevent and treat metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus type I and II.
  • It prevents and helps treating obesity: It does not add on calories to the body. For this reason, food sweetened with NaturEsvia is also a good choice for weight control.
  • Beneficial therapeutic effect against diabetes and hypertension: There are scientific studies that support the beneficial properties of Steviol Glycosides to regulate blood pressure and glycemic index.
  • Active against caries and gingivitis.
  • Easily available for formulations of food, drinks and food supplements.

NaturEsvia is a top-quality product with numerous applications for food supplements, cosmetic and food industries.

To cover our customer’s requirements, Deretil Nature offers NaturEsvia in different formats:

  • NaturEsvia EP: Pure extract
  • NaturEsvia FL15: Liquid 15 % in aqueous solution
  • NaturEsvia FS3: Solid grade, up to 3 %