The biological benefits of olive oil intake are related, among other factors, to the presence not only of oleic acid but also to its high content in polyphenols, particularly Hydroxytyrosol, as it has been recognized by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) (EFSA Journal 2011; 9 (4): 2033).

    1. The leaves of the olive tree also contain some of the compounds that are present in olive oil, Hydroxytyrosol and its ester called Oleuropein.

      Hydroxytyrosol is considered to be one of the most powerful natural antioxidants available to date, better than other antioxidants commonly known and used in industry as Tocopherol (vitamin E), Coenzyme Q10, vitamin C or Resveratrol, with regard to its effectiveness against free radicals and prevention of oxidative damage (evaluated by DPPH and ORAC methods).

    In different studies, Hydroxytyrosol has been evaluated to hold a wide variety of potential health benefits:

    • Reduces the cardiovascular risk by preventing oxidation of low density (LDL) cholesterol
    • Optimum preservative for the stabilization of functional foods in ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
    • Potential anti-inflammatory because of its high level of free radical absorption activity
    • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent (against virus infections and bacteria)
    • Effective skin protection, because of its ability to absorb cell-damaging free radicals.
    • Prevention of cancer, because it protects cells against a cancerogenic transformation in two ways: DNA protection against free radicals damage and anti-proliferative effect that has been shown in vitro by inducing apoptosis or cell death.

    NATUROLIVE HT is Deretil Nature’s Hydroxytyrosol. The product is available in aqueous solutions at 1,5 %, 5 % and 20 % concentration of Hydroxytyrosol, according to the product grades and as solid product with a 20 % concentration of Hydroxytyrosol.

    We carefully select the best raw materials, using only best quality leaves obtained from olive trees of Spanish origin exclusively. It is obtained by means of new-advanced clean techniques in biotechnology.