1. The olive and its oil are one of the key ingredients in the Mediterranean diet that has been proven to be especially healthful and in particular well-known for its cardioprotective properties.

      Olive trees, through its fruit and leaves, offer a variety of increasingly important active ingredients with metabolic functionality and useful for its application in products of cosmetic, food and feed industries. Among these products are triterpenes such as maslinic acid and oleanolic acid.

    Maslinic acid is one of the main triterpenes present in olives.

    In different studies, Maslinic acid has been proven to hold a wide variety of potential health benefits:

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Antioxidants
    • Preventive effect on metabolic syndrome and diseases such as type 2 diabetes and obesity
    • Intake, in right doses, improves the efficacy of animal feed and helps to prevent the spread of some epidemiological outbreaks

    Deretil Nature has developed a unique process to obtain Maslinic acid, in order to provide the cosmetic, food and feed markets through NATUROLIVE MA.

    NATUROLIVE MA is a standardized extract obtained from the olive fruit with a high concentration and purity on maslinic acid.

    We offer the following range of qualities:

    NATUROLIVE MA75: 75 % of triterpens (maslinic acid and oleanolic acid) with minimum 60 % of maslinic acid for its intended use in cosmetics.

    NATUROLIVE MA30: 35 % of triterpenes (maslinic acid and oleanolic acid) with minimum 30% of maslinic acid. Registered in Europe for its intended use in the formulation of diet supplements.

    All our products are obtained from olives of Spanish origin exclusively.