Use of by-products

Every year an important amount of unused or under-utilized resources from the food industry are eliminated by the waste management or transformed into feed for animals, fertilizers, biomass or silage.


From our commitment to the environment and sustainable development, at Deretil Nature we develop in our own way and offer our customers currently various innovative technologies, in order to enhance the beneficial uses of these by-products or waste. Through the use of these technologies, waste can be converted into products with high added value, with promising applications in different areas such as cosmetics, functional food, animal feed or pharmacy.

In this sense, there are numerous and beneficial bioactive compounds that can be extracted from such by-products. The market of these compounds has an important potential growth, expecting that its marketing will increase quickly in the coming years.

The appraisal of by-products can help revitalizing the economy of those companies interested in entering new markets, as well as the elimination or reduction of the environmental problem of storage and accumulation. However, companies need to control every step of the production process so that the process is sustainable, from the extraction of raw materials until its commercialization.

Based on this, at Deretil Nature we take certain wastes arising from the manufacture of olive oil, as raw material for the development of some of our natural extracts for the NATUROLIVE line that comprises healthful ingredients such as HYDROXYTYROSOL, OLEUROPEIN or MASLINIC ACID.