The dietary intake of polyphenols related to a healthy lifestyle

At Deretil Nature, we want to join healthy lifestyles especially related to nutrition and encourage consumers to introduce polyphenols into their diet source.

Several studies and in particular a scientific work recently published by the U.S. National Center for Biotechnological Information (NCBI), support that diets rich in polyphenols and dietary fiber can positively modify our gut microbiota.

The commonly named intestinal flora converts polyphenols and dietary fiber into active compounds, which at the same time help to regulate energy and lipid metabolism. In this biotransformation, we not only relate these active ingredients with a good gut health, but also with a lower obesity rate.

The article published by summarizes the above-mentioned NCBI study. The clinical trial was performed with more than 2000 volunteers and all registered data show the association between the polyphenol intake and the intestinal flora.

The results demonstrate, among others, that polyphenols exert an important effect on adipose tissue by decreasing intracellular oxidative stress, inhibiting adipogenesis and lipogenesis. They also eliminate the difference between adipose cells, from pre-adipocytes to mature adipocytes, facts clearly related to obesity problems.

In a reasonable way, we can say that the intake of polyphenols, within a varied and balanced diet, has numerous beneficial effects, not only for the functionality on the microbiota of our body, but also for our cardiovascular health and for the prevention of any disease related to oxidative stress.

We, at Deretil Nature, manufacture and provide the market with polyphenol extracts through our own brand NaturOlive HT. It is a standardized extract in Hydroxytyrosol, the most excellent polyphenol in nature, with the greatest antioxidant power currently available in the market.

We are sharing here our comparative database, from our own research outcomes on antioxidant activity and content in total polyphenols:

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